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Comprehensive management of occupational safety and health system, fire protection and safety of technical equipment. With an emphasis on legal obligations, meaningfulness and efficiency. We have 20 years of experience.


1. Solve the legal obligation to train - simply and cleverly!
2. Save time, money and energy with us.
3. Thanks to e-learning, you effectively control the training process.
4. We guarantee high expertise and timeliness according to stringent laws.


We all have appropriate professional education and the necessary qualifications - especially with the relevant certificate or authorization and also graduates of the University of Mining - Technical University of Ostrava - Faculty of Safety Engineering.
• A professionally qualified person in occupational safety and health
• A professionally trained person to act as a health and safety coordinator on a construction site
• Specialist in personal protective equipment
• Certified person implementing the health and safety and fire safety system
• A professionally qualified person in fire protection and fire protection technicians
• Trial operator of motor vehicle operators and instructor of motor vehicle operators
• Inspection technician of electrical equipment
• Inspection technician of gas equipment
• Pressure equipment inspection technician
• Inspection technician of lifting equipment
• A person professionally qualified to perform inspections of fire extinguishers and dedicated fire safety equipment
• Control technician of gym equipment, playgrounds and sports fields
• Lecturer of construction machinery operators






















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