General business conditions
FS system s.r.o. valid from March 1, 2020

General arrangements
• The contractual relationship and validity of these business conditions arise at the time of creating a client account with FS systém s.r.o. or by direct purchase of services FS systém s.r.o .. This is also considered a binding order for services.
• FS system provides an internet platform for clients on its website, where it offers its services. Access to this platform is selling through licenses.
• The license is not automatically charged annually, so there is no need to terminate the license. However, if the Client insists on confirmation of the termination, it is necessary to do so by written notice, delivered to the address FS System s.r.o. The written notice is in the form of an electronic message sent to the Client's contact e-mail (unless otherwise stipulated in the contract). Backup of client data is not part of the services and is only on request and will be charged based on an individual agreement.
• Provision of FS system s.r.o. Internet platform services may be terminated immediately upon the discovery of unfair practices or for gross breach of the obligations of the parties.
• Payment and business conditions or invoicing policy may be changed by the Provider at any time, at its discretion. The Client agrees that FS system s.r.o. may involve sending explicit messages from the FS system support departments such as service announcements, administrative reports, and newsletters. This communication is considering part of the FS system services of the Internet platform, and it is possible to unsubscribe from the receipt of these messages based on a notice in the form of an electronic message to the company FS system s.r.o.

Rights and obligations of the Provider
• The Provider is obliged to establish and provide a license for the internet platform of FS system services to the extent ordered by the Client. The Provider is required to manage client data and ensure the smooth operation of FS system internet platform services. The Provider is obliged to secure the service against disruption of operation by a third party or a user, depending on the nature of the provided program resources. If a situation arises where the security solution and the scope of services offered conflict, the security of the service takes precedence.

• The Provider is entitled to limit or entirely suspend the provision of the service if it prevents the occurrence or prevents the duration of damage to the Provider, the Client or third parties.
• The Provider is only liable for actual damages caused by demonstrable negligence of its obligation arising from the order. Compensation for damage will always be provided only in the form of a discount on the price of fees for FS system license, or certificate printing prices. The service provider undertakes to process and store personal data of clients under applicable law.
• In the event of interruption of the service due to non-payment of the service by the Client, the Provider is not liable for damage caused by the loss of client data and loss of availability of operated applications. The Provider is not responsible for damages caused by the loss of access data by the Client. Rights and obligations of the Client
• Based on the order and subsequent establishment of the FS system s.r.o. Internet Platform Services acquires the right to use this Service / License.
• The Client undertakes to pay the Provider for the provided solution (license, the printing of individual certificates) correctly and on time. The Client is obliged to keep the access data safe.
• The Client is not entitled to use the services to establish its activities, which would be by nature competitive with the businesses of the Provider, primarily to provide services under its name and at its own risk. The establishment of such an activity is considered a gross breach of the Client's obligations.

• The Client is responsible for compliance with these conditions for all sub-users, is responsible for the legality of their data entered into FS system internet service platforms and for how he obtained his data, which are available in FS system s.r.o. internet platform.
• The Client may not use the services in a way that would violate the rights of the Provider, third parties or could cause disadvantage to other users when using shared resources. The Client may not use the provided funds in such a way as to obtain an unjustified advantage over other users, or in such a way that could lead to a breach or damage to the operation of the service. An attempt to disrupt the security and continuity of service is considered a severe breach of the Client's obligations. Violation of this article entitles the Provider to suspend or cancel all services provided to the Client. In the event of a gross breach of these obligations, the FS system s.r.o service/license is revoking immediately. Internet platform services without any compensation.
• In the event of a fault in the operation of the FS system services of the internet platform, the Client will file a complaint about the service immediately after finding out in writing to the e-mail:
• The price of the service (printing of individual certificates), the cost of the license and the payment conditions are determined according to the current price list of the Provider. The Provider has the right to change prices for each Client individually.

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