Revisions and inspections


  • Elaboration and management of TZ documentation according to valid legal regulations
  • Safe work system for lifting equipment
  • Boiler room operating rules
  • Local operational safety regulations
  • Protocol on the identification of external influences
  • TZ operating rules
  • TZ revision schedules
  • Other documentation in the section of TZ
  • Declaration of Conformity



  • Electrical equipment
  • Equipment for protection of buildings against the effects of atmospheric and static electricity (lightning conductors)
  • Pressure equipment (pressure vessels)
  • Lifting equipment (jacks, cranes, pulleys, etc.)
  • Electrical devices
  • Gas appliances
  • Low-pressure and medium-pressure boiler rooms
  • Flue gas paths
  • Motor trucks
  • Material means of fire protection (fire extinguishers)
  • Fire safety equipment (fire doors, fire seals, etc.)
  • Technical equipment of workplaces/buildings (racks, ladders, etc.)
  • Playgrounds and sports grounds





















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