• Elaboration and management of occupational health and safety documentation according to valid legal regulations
• Syllabus of safety and health training at work
• Guidelines for the provision of personal protective equipment, detergents, cleaners and disinfectants
• Guidelines for the provision of protective beverages
• Local warehouse rules
• Local operational safety regulations for the transport operation
• Traffic operating rules for the operation of motor trucks
• Traumatology plan
• Risk prevention
• Categorization of works
• Construction health and safety plan
• Additional documentation in the field of occupational safety and health


• Elaboration and management of a training schedule in the field of occupational safety and health
• Managers of health and safety regulations
• Employees from health and safety regulations
• Motor vehicle drivers
• Lifting equipment operators
• Lifting equipment operators
• Cranes and binders
• Work at heights
• Proficiency in electrical engineering
• Pressure vessel operators
• Operation of gas equipment
• Boiler room operators (heaters)
• Further professional training in the field of occupational safety and health


• Searching for and assessing the risks of possible threats, determining measures to eliminate or reduce them
• Carrying out regular inspections - health and safety inspections - incl. registration and determination of measures
• Assessment of buildings, workplaces and equipment in terms of the working environment
• Investigation, liquidation and record of work accidents
• Elaboration and maintenance of a schedule of professional (training) and medical (occupational medical examinations) of employees' competence
• Representation in the performance of state professional supervision
• Marking of workplaces and other places with appropriate safety signs
• Advisory and consulting activities by a person professionally qualified in occupational health and safety
• Performance of the health and safety coordinator on the construction site